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Online marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can increase site traffic and help obtain high rankings for websites on major search engines. This will maximize a company's online presence by driving additional traffic into it. When a website is a 'top search return', then visitors can quickly and easily find it using the search engines and online directories.

A good SEO program can maximize a site's 'unique visitors'

It is not really about how many search engines site owners submit to, but how high their site ranks with regards to the keywords or keyphrases searchers typically use to find out about their products and services. If such keywords are not used properly, then their site might as well not be visible to the visitors. Moreover, if only a few prospects will visit their site, then the investment they have made in building and upgrading it will not yield good results.

Online marketing comes of age

As the Internet continues to grow, the ability to effectively market a particular site as a top search return becomes important. Today, online marketing is of equal importance to a site's content, navigation and interaction.

An effective SEO strategy comes a long way for success

Search Engine Optimization is simply not just about meta-tag facilitation and submission - it involves very intricate work, which involves the following:

  • (1) Key Words or Key Phrases
    Owners must determine the appropriate keywords or keyphrases which are most likely to be used by visitors when seeking information about the scope of their products and services.
  • (2) 'Hallway' & 'Doorway' Pages
    By using appropriate keywords and keyphrases, 'hallway' & 'doorway' pages must be created to mirror their website(s) and provide a very smooth entry for their site visitors. Doorway pages are created for each of the keywords which fulfill the exact requirements of each of the leading search engines. Each doorway page is created to have a consistent treatment for their 'look' and 'feel', and to mirror the pages in their existing website.
  • (3) Work must reside on the site owner's server
    In this way, site owners will always maintain full control and avoid competitive services where the program is retained 'elsewhere' (meaning that customers are relegated to receipt of performance data secondhand) and held hostage to receipt of traffic reports. They must have the best strategic URL marketing counsel and an effective online marketing program for high rankings on leading search engines and directories.